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The National Research Council (CNR) is the PLEIADE project coordinator. CNR is Italy’s major public research body, with a network of over 100 institutes nationwide. CNR’s core mission is to further the generation, spread and transfer of knowledge in all sectors, thereby contributing to innovation in Italy. It provides technologies and solutions that meet emerging public/private needs, enhances the country’s human capital, advises the government and other public bodies on themes of strategic importance, and furthers the internationalization of Italian research.

In PLEIADE, CNR is represented by the Institute for Educational Technology (Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche). Based in Genova with a branch in Palermo, CNR-ITD has a core staff of 42 (21 researchers and 21 support staff), together with eight research fellows. It is the only CNR institute dedicated solely to Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). 

CNR-ITD has a solid track record in European Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) research, with participation stretching back to the dawn of the sector in the late 1980s. The institute has a strong presence in LLP-Erasmus+, acting as collaborative project coordinator on several occasions.



Dr. Donatella Persico

Donatella Persico

Donatella Persico, the PLEIADE project manager, is director of research at CNR-ITD. She has been active in the field of Educational Technology since 1981. Her main interests include learning design, e-learning, self-regulated learning, gamebased learning and teacher training. She is editor of the Italian Journal of Educational Technology (IJET) and collaborates with a number of academic journals in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning. She has partecipated in and led several national and international projects.

Dr. Francesca Pozzi

Francesca Pozzi

Francesca Pozzi is a researcher who started at CNR-ITD in 1998 and holds a PhD in Languages, Cultures and ICT. Her main research interests are the theory and practice of applying TEL models and methods, focusing especially on teacher training, Learning Design and collaborative learning. She has participated in and led several international research projects in Technology Enhanced Learning and is currently leading ENhANCE, a Sector Skills Alliance on TEL in nursing professional development.

Dr. Flavio Manganello

Flavio Manganello

Flavio Manganello is a researcher at CNR-ITD. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Science with a specialization in E-Learning. His main research interests are technology enhanced learning environments and adaptive and personalized learning. He has authored over 50 scientific publications in national and international journals, books and conference proceedings. Over the past decade, he has been involved in several national and international research projects focused on technology and education.

Dr. Marcello Passarelli

Marcello Passarelli

Marcello Passarelli holds a PhD in Psychology, Anthropology, and Cognitive Sciences and has worked at ITD-CNR as a research fellow since 2017. His expertise includes statistical modeling and social cognition, with a strong quantitative focus. At ITD-CNR, he has been involved in several international research projects, including ENhANCE and Gaming Horizons.

Dr. Francesca M. Dagnino

Francesca M. Dagnino

Francesca M. Dagnino, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, is currently a researcher at the ITD-CNR. She has participated in several national and international projects in the field of technology enhanced learning. Her main research interests are game based learning, learning design, technology enhanced learning for cultural heritage education and e-inclusion for hospitalized children.

Stella de Robertis

Stella de Robertis

Stella de Robertis is a Technical Assistant at the Institute for Educational Technology, National Research Council of Italy (ITD-CNR). Her duties include financial reporting of research funds, technical support in grant applications, drafting of agreements with third parties, and various administrative tasks involved in management of research projects.

Andrea Ceregini

Andrea Ceregini

Andrea Ceregini has been working as a Technical Officer for ITD-CNR since 2010, participating in various research projects throughout the years (MAGICAL, i-Treasures, ENhANCE, among the others). His work mainly focuses on supporting researchers and their activities by designing, developing and maintaining IT solutions of various kind, including websites, web services and software.

Luigi Sarti

Luigi Sarti

Luigi Sarti worked in ITD-CNR since 1982, focusing in the use of ICT for learning and education, and especially e-learning and online learning communities. He has long-standing experience in National and international research projects. He has been a senior researcher in ITD-CNR since 2001.