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PLayful Environment for Inclusive leArning Design in Europe (PLEIADE)

PLEIADE supports the efforts of European teachers to systematically integrate inclusive practices in their teaching. It does this by helping them to work together on the design, implementation and sharing of inclusion-aware learning activity plans. These plans centre on carefully orchestrated learner collaboration, a widely recognized approach not just for strengthening acquisition of curriculum contents but also for supporting inclusive classroom dynamics and attitudes.

PLEIADE’s support for teachers’ capacity building comes in the form of a blended (onsite + online) pathway (12 months) of teacher training and peer collaboration for teachers working in 4 different schools, who are facing different challenges in terms of learner diversity. The pathway features advanced game-like elements that draw on physical and digital tools designed to support teacher interaction, cooperation and, ultimately, collaboration.

PLEIADE aims to:

  • enhance teachers’ professional competence,
  • foster co-creation and sharing of inclusive activity designs,
  • enact and evaluate inclusive activities in 4 European schools, 
  • promote the sharing and propagation of successful inclusive practices in a teacher community.

PLEIADE engages an immediate target population of about 75 teachers at primary and secondary schools in Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece. The collaborative learning activities they design and implement in their classrooms during the project are expected to benefit around 700 pupils, many of whom experience educational disadvantage due to cultural, linguistic and socio-economic diversity.

See the Outputs page to learn about PLEIADE's strategy for achieving its objectives.