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The Intellectual Outputs of the PLEIADE project are detailed at the Outputs page >>

Academic Publications

  • Persico, D., Passarelli, M., Dagnino, F. , Manganello, F. Pozzi, F., Ceregini, A. (2021), PLEIADE: A Playful and Participatory Approach to Teacher Professional Development on Social Inclusion, In M. Ranieri, L. Menichetti, S. Cuomo, D.Parmigiani, M. Pellegrini (Eds) ATEE spring conference 2020-2021 Book of Abstracts (pp.215-218), Firenze University Press, 215-218) ISSN 2704-5846 (online); ISBN 978-88-5518-412-0 (PDF); ISBN 978-88-5518-413-7 (XML)
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  • Passarelli, M., Dagnino, F. M., Persico, D., Pozzi, F., & Manganello, F. (2022). Gamification and support to self-regulation as a means to promote practice sharing for teacher professional development (Ludificación y fomento de la autorregulación para incentivar el intercambio de prácticas docentes en el desarrollo profesional del profesorado). Culture and Education, 34(4), 800-835.
  • Persico, D., Passarelli, M., Dagnino, F., Ceregini, a., Manganello, F., Pozzi, F., Nikolova, N., Stefanov, K., Anagnostou, K., Georgieva, T., Kyriakides, K., Lonigro, M. (in print). Teacher professional development on social inclusion: the PLEIADE approach. Proceedings of the ATEE Spring Conference 2021, Springer.
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  • Persico, D., Dagnino, F. M., Manganello, F., Passarelli, M., Pozzi, F., Nikolova, N., ... & Lonigro, M. (2023). SUPPORTING TEACHERS'PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ON INCLUSIVE LEARNING DESIGN: A CASE STUDY OF AN ERASMUS+ PROJECT. In INTED2023 Proceedings (pp. 7456-7464). IATED.
  • Pozzi, F., Volta, E., Passarelli, M., Persico, D. (2023). A systematic mapping review of research concerning the use of games in teacher training. In SLERD 2023 Proceedings, Spinger.