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Stengthening the profile of the teaching professions

PLEIADE pursues its inclusive mission through teachers’ capacity building and is dedicated to strengthening their professionalisation. The strategy in this regard is threefold:

  • to implement a blended TPD training path dedicated to enhance teachers’ capacity to design collaborative inclusion-oriented learning activities using PLEIADE’s innovative approaches and tools;
  • to support the appropriation and classroom implementation of that strategy (notions and praxis);
  • to facilitate teachers’ exchange of innovative practices and know-how, laying the foundations for a sustainable European teacher community.

The methodology adopted centres firmly on teachers’ peer collaboration. This aligns with the principle that “successful (TPD) programmes involve teachers in learning activities that are similar to those they will use with their students, encourage the development of teachers’ learning communities and provide more room for teachers to take time to learn deeply, and employ inquiry- and group-based approaches”.

PLEIADE will allow teachers to gain firsthand familiarity with colleagues in other contexts who are addressing inclusion issues and, crucially, with the solutions they’re adopting. As stated in the Guiding principles for policy development in school education:

Fostering a desire and providing capacity in schools to learn and improve together will help teachers and school leaders better adapt to changing needs of learners and society [...] The school as a learning organisation is rooted in a shared ethos and culture around learning and improving collectively.

European Commission, 2017