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Kick-off meeting

The first Transnational Project Meeting of the PLEIADE Project was held in October 12nd and 20th, 2020. The meeting was planned to be held in Genoa, Italy, but due to the COVID-related travel restrictions it was rescheduled as an online intensive meeting. 

This was the first time the project consortium met all together synchronously, and was used to lay the foundation for the work to come. The meeting started with an overview of the whole project by the Project Coordinator. Subsequently, each project partner presented themselves, their background, the tasks they would work on and their responsibilities. This was followed by a detailed presentation of each of the six intellectual outputs of the project, detailing our plans for ensuring high quality and timeliness of each output. Afterwards, meeting participants collaborated in reflecting on project risks and possible mitigation strategies, especially considering how the uncertainty stemming from the COVID pandemic requires fallback plans for all face-to-face meetings and training activities. Lastly, during the meeting partners discussed cooperation arrangements, from a technical side (e.g., shared spaces to be used) as well as from an administrative side.